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Winner / Blog / The fastest-growing company in Europe is the Czech distributor of solar technologies, Raylyst
Published 1. March 2024

The fastest-growing company in Europe is the Czech distributor of solar technologies, Raylyst

Raylyst was founded and is still led by entrepreneur Jan Kameníček, whose investment in solar energy was inspired by a work placement in China and the growing trend of renewable resource utilization. Upon returning to Europe in 2018, he decided to invest in technologies, the distribution of which from China was undergoing a resurgence at that time.


"Raylyst now comprises nearly fifty of our colleagues, and we have become a guarantee of quality and market knowledge for our customers. Although we are primarily a distributor, our customers are offered not only the purchase and logistics of products but also technical consultations or assistance with large ground-mounted solar power plant project planning. The fact that we understand market trends and prices plays a significant role, allowing us to provide customers with added value," says Raylyst CEO Jan Kameníček.


The company aims to focus on increasingly newer technologies, delivering tens of thousands of panels every month.

The director and sole owner founded the company at just twenty-one years of age. However, since purchasing the first container of solar panels, the company has undergone considerable transformation. Currently, it offers only the highest quality panels falling into the Bloomberg Tier 1 category, alongside inverters, battery storage, optimizers, or special constructions. Moreover, Raylyst is successful primarily in the German market, as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Italy, or Austria, delivering tens of thousands of photovoltaic panels to its customers every month. In the Czech Republic, the company last showcased its solution for the Hodonín industrial area Tabačka, which acquired a new 4 MWp battery storage system.


"We have transitioned into a role that allows us to work on very complex projects. Consequently, we are part of extensive utility-scale projects — large solar power plants that are currently emerging mainly abroad, as well as complex systems requiring not only solar panels and purpose-built constructions but also sophisticated engineering solutions," says Jan Kameníček, noting that in the future, his company should increasingly focus on engineering-demanding projects, attractive battery storage technologies, and other advanced solutions.


About Raylyst

Raylyst is a leading distributor of photovoltaic products for the European region. It provides deliveries of the highest quality solar panels falling into the Bloomberg Tier 1 category, as well as inverters and battery systems from trusted manufacturers in the market. It offers comprehensive technical support, training, and professional logistics services. The company's partners undertake residential, commercial, and industrial installations. It also collaborates with EPC companies implementing large utility-scale projects. The company was founded by Czech entrepreneur Jan Kameníček. In 2024, the company was announced by the Financial Times magazine and Statista as the fastest-growing company in Europe.

For the media:

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