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680+ MWp Total power of
the supplied technologies
170+ MWh Total capacity
of batteries sold
127 821 tun CO2 saved
140 000 Number of family houses for which
our sold power is sufficient

About Us


We are one of the leading European distributor of photovoltaic solution provider or products. We supply PV modules of the highest quality from the Bloomberg Tier 1 list or partners, inverters, and Energy storage systems from the world’s largest manufacturers. Everything you need is under one roof! Whether you need technical support, training, logistics services, or financial solutions tailored to your needs, we are here for you. Our reliable partners carry out residential, commercial, and industrial installations. For larger "utility scale" projects, we collaborate with top-tier EPC companies.

We are committed to a green future and show companies how to step on the fossil fuel brake and reduce their carbon footprint. We help them make important steps towards greater efficiency and modernization. And don’t worry, we lead by example – we too are transforming into a modern, efficient, and greener company.


Our Services

Our commitment extends beyond delivering exceptional products. Registered partners gain exclusive access to an online client area, providing a comprehensive suite of services from streamlined logistics to technical support, order tracking, and accounting documentation. Additionally, we offer technical consultations, training, insurance, and financing.



We maintain a diverse range of products in stock, ensuring the immediate dispatch of orders and guaranteeing prompt delivery.


Client Portal

In our online client portal, customers have 24/7 access to information regarding the current status of their inquiries or orders – encompassing accounting and technical documents, shipment details, and personal bonuses. Everything is meticulously organized in one centralized location and available around the clock.


Technical Support

Naši techničtí konzultanti vám rádi poradí s vašimi plánovanými projekty, a pomůžou vybrat nejvhodnější technologie. A to není vše – jsou tu pro vás během i po instalaci s další případnou technickou podporou.



We collaborate with premier logistics companies, enabling us to provide expedited delivery precisely where and when you require it.



Each of our customers is approached individually regarding financing. We strive to ascertain optimal payment terms that align seamlessly with their cash flow.



We offer the option to arrange advantageous insurance for your installed power plants, providing investors with a sense of security and peace of mind.

Our Services

Pro klienty zajišťujeme široké spektrum služeb nad rámec prodeje produktů. Našim registrovaným partnerům se otevírá přístup do online klientské zóny, ve které naleznou přehledný logistický servis, technickou zónu, evidenci objednávek či účetní doklady. Poskytujeme technické konzultace, školení, pojištění a financování. Vše stavěné partnerům na míru.



The cooperation with Raylyst is characterized by fast and smooth communication. We are very satisfied with the pricing and the fast processing which is very important to us to. To rewrap our customer projects in a short time.

Eric, Efa Leipzig GmbH

Contact is very easy via telephone or e-mail. Competent contact persons. Editing is quick and easy.The advice and support draws on a well-established network of specialists and is professional.Reliable processing is standard here.

Johannes Grossberger, Megasport GmbH

We got to know them through a newsletter during a very complicated market period in Italy. They immediately helped us solve many problems, thanks to the availability of the products we needed at competitive prices. We were professionally assisted from the beginning and were also pleasantly impressed by the personal touches. The owner personally came to visit us from the Czech Republic by car!


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